why the wright group?

our commitment

At the Wright Group we're committed to:

We work to surpass your expectations

We love this business: it's our creative expression and imaginative outlet

Our passion and expertise are reflected in our results and service

We uncover consumers' closely-held truths and values

We dig beyond superficial or postured responses

We probe to illuminate underlying issues

We analyze and interpret motivators and behaviors

We listen for it, we generate it, and we promote it

We're poised and curious for new consumer insights

Every project is custom-designed: unique techniques, unique approaches

Our enthusiasm stimulates fresh perspectives

Our solutions are imaginative and grounded in reality

We move easily between divergent, generative, 'what if' thinking and strategic, focused thinking

You work with senior principals, exclusively

Your project never gets handed off to junior staff

Our experience elevates and accelerates every step of your project

Hundreds of successful projects have honed our instincts

Working in an extraordinary number of categories, we have developed a big picture perspective

We take the long view

We understand the limitations of research — consumer feedback, without interpretation, can design you into mediocrity and predictability

We cut through the flak to identify the essential idea

We're attuned to the trends and cultural forces in the equation

We take the leap to imaging the future

We deliver viable, action-focused recommendations

We take responsibility for creating solutions

We have the experience and vision to see a better way

Building team knowledge and alignment is an integral part of our process

We build a partnership with our clients

This intensifies team learning and leads to a consenual result

It is our duty to provide superlative service

We have a hop-to-it service orientation

We are deadline-driven

We deliver on schedule